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DHS Halloween Board To Replace Costume Wearing With Gift Giving

Student Dresses as Himself for Halloween, Violates School Code

Melvin Schwarzengoggle All of X-Hall was captivated yesterday on Halloween as DHS Sophomore Ziggy Jenkins was confronted by deans and security guards after 2nd period due to his inappropriate costume.…

New Bell Attracts Furry Woodland Creatures to DHS

By Picov Andropov DEERFIELD, IL – A rapid decrease in the number of children in the school’s daycare has left many administrators puzzled. The daycare was at full capacity at…

Ask Mr. Motzko: Halloween

ASK MR MOTZKO Dear Mr. Motzko, It’s almost Halloween and I need to find a costume. I thought about being a monster or a ghost, but everyone told me that…

CCRC To Charge $3.39 Per Complaint