With Thanksgiving less than one week away, it is important to remember to take a moment and reflect. Reflect on what you love, what your mom thinks you should love, and most importantly, what you are thankful for. Instead of saying “No, thank you,” just say “Thank you,” and walk away. There is no room for negativity, only appreciation. To that end, we at the Flipside have made a list of things you should be thankful for this holiday season. You’re welcome.


What would Thanksgiving be without family? Well, it would probably still be Thanksgiving, but it wouldn’t be as festive. Whether you celebrate with immediate family or a relative so distant that you lived next door to each other for 12 years and had no idea, this holiday season will be special because of them. These are the people that are there for you no matter what, even if they are annoying and always ask for money. I mean lets be honest, the real reason to thank them is because they picked up the turkey on the way to your house. Either way, thank you family.

Thanksgiving Food

Who doesn’t like overcooked turkey and cranberries that look like they have been marinated in some weird European dressing? I mean, come on, this is the American food dream! Seconds, thirds, even fourths for you ambitious folks out there. Thanksgiving turkey is absolutely to die for. Literally. So, this holiday, we thank the turkeys for their brave sacrifice.

Regular Food after Thanksgiving Food

It is also appropriate to be thankful for regular food, which is substantially more edible.

The Flipside Readers

We at the Flipside would like to take a moment to thank the readers, without whom this awesome publication wouldn’t exist. Also, thank you for the criticism, we definitely asked for your opinion. All jokes aside, thank you.


On a serious note, this holiday season we should all appreciate those who are trying their best to ease others’ suffering. Charities like GIPPCC are what makes the world go round. So thank you, GIPPCC. To the students of Deerfield High School: Please support School Chest this year.

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