These new rules, man, I don’t know what to do about them. There’s just a lot of negative vibes going around right now dude, and I’m getting concerned, so I thought I’d lay out how things should be man. They way things need to be if we ever want to live as one.

This is my beef due: I’m just trying to sit outside my locker eating a bag of chips and just let the good times roll, but all the teachers are like “what’s your destination?” and “where are you going?” I don’t know man. Life is a journey, and I’m a butterfly caught up in the eternal winds of time. I go wherever that wind takes me, man. So don’t ask me what my destination is, cause life is a journey and I’m just along for the ride.

We’re all just wandering through this life, man. Do any of us really have a destination? Sure you might be going to E108 now, but can you tell me where you’re going over the next few months, dude? The years, man? You can’t. It’s unknowable. The entire universe is an enigma , man. There is no metaphysical cosmic GPS guiding us. And if none of us really know where we’re going in the long run, can we really be sure of what our destination is, man? I didn’t think so.

So don’t let some suit and tie sell you a destination in exchange for your dreams, man. That’s not cool. You’ve gotta be a free spirit. If you put your zenergy in a cage and just keep it there man, where are you really getting in life? So don’t weigh yourself down with a destination, man. It’s your existance. Go wherever, do whatever, and if anyone ever asks you where you’re going, just say, “Dude, I’m going where the stars come alive and the ocean meets the horizon. You can come along with me, man, but you gotta be ready to make the trip, cause it takes a lifetime to get there.”

I let the spirit gods tell me where to go man. I follow my pos vibes, you know, my natural frequency. And I don’t like to be angry, because that’s not a part of the eightfold path, but I don’t like it when people get their neg vibes in my pos vibes, dude. It’s not like a big universal reese’s cup man, everybody has gotta go find their own zen.

It’s all the man, man. The man is going to try to make you play by his rules. Do you have a place you’re going to? I do man, and it’s called forever. It’s called enlightenment, man. I don’t play by your rules. I don’t even play the same game. I just am, dude. I just am. I am and I always will be. So excuse me if I don’t have a “destination” man, but I’m not going to cut my hair and go pick up a briefcase just to satisfy you. I’m not going to be part of a system where I can’t just live and let live, man. Live and let live.

So I don’t know where I’m going man, and I don’t have a destination. I’ve got my spirit voices guiding me and the wind of the ocean in my sails, so forgive me if I don’t want to play by your rules man. I’m just having a good time on my own man, drifting in the tide.

Dude, let me lay it out the way it is. We’re all brothers in this life, man, but sometimes you just gotta let a being be a being and give it up. Let it go like a little handful of cottontails drifting across the pacific surf, dude. We’re kindred spirits, man. We’re made of the same stardust. And I can feel your auras coming up with scorpio, and I can feel it man. We are wandering souls, to the last of us. We don’t know which direction we’re facing or where we’re going, but we’ll be damned if we let if stop us from getting there.

Peace out brothers, keep on keepin’ on, and don’t forget to keep it hanging loose.

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