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SNL Goes Back to Being Irrelevant as Palin and That Guy She Was With Lose

I Need a Job

By Almost All Political Analysts After weeks, if not years, of covering every inch of the election, many political analysts find themselves looking for new jobs in today’s tough economy.…

I Need a Nap

By: John McCain This election took forever. I am really tired. It doesn’t help that I am so boring to listen to. I think I put myself to sleep. Now…

What Now?

By: Barack Obama Umm, this is awkward. I don’t really know what to do. Should I keep speaking? I’ve only been in politics for four years, for Pete’s sake. I…

Joe Biden Tired of Being Picked On, Overshadowed By a Girl

Earthworks Builds Countless Houses Out of Now Unused Candidate Signs

DHS Mock Election Tight, Possibly Corrupt; Mayor Daley Doesn’t See a Problem

Historic voter turnout and wasting more class time because of longer poll lines mark this year’s DHS mock election. The hype is huge for this hypothetical election (some WERC’s pollsters…

Joe the Plumber and Bob the Builder Fix Nation’s Infrastructure Problems