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Rebellious Senior Girl Doesn’t Do Homework Some of the Time

By Lenny Detroit DEERFIELD, IL—Self-proclaimed “rebel senior” Minnie Portman just announced today in Mr. Wathen’s Level Two Calculus class that, “I didn’t the homework, you know, and I don’t think…

22: The Story of 5 CLC Students whose Ability to Count Cards is “Not that Great”

By Picov Andropov Vice President of External Affairs LAS VEGAS, NV – Unlike the popular big screen debut of 21, in which MIT students make thousands of dollars playing blackjack…

Two Face Baby To Get Half-Time on ACT

Baby Lali, April 8SAINI VILLAGE, India—In a slightly uncommon shenanigan, Erica Doodad was born with two faces. Although many fellow Indians believe she is a reincarnation of a Hindu goddess,…

Guy Thinks He’s So Rich, Probably Is

Pope’s Visit Helps Pope Improve Pope Signature