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Freshman Bedtime Even Earlier With New Curfew Laws

By Gordy Colander DEERFIELD, IL—Just a few years ago, freshman bedtime was around nine p.m. Just last year freshman had to hit the hay a whopping five and a half…

Cold War Reenactment Goes Nowhere

By Picov Andropov FAIRFAX, VA – Tensions were high yesterday as members of the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild of America took part in a reenactment of the Cold…

Ask Mr. Motzko: Deerfield Idol

ASK MR. MOTZKO Dear Mr. Motzko, I just went to Deerfield Idol last week, and to improve my chances of winning next year, I have started thinking of the songs…

Mitchell Park Report Accuses Pick Up Players of Doping

Student Disappointed For Winter Break