Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Files Lawsuit Against America for “Not being great anymore.”

Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Loses Lawsuit Against America for “being the reason America is not great anymore.”

Bernie Sanders Plans to Make Mexico Pay for Free Higher Education Bill. Donald Trump Declares Support for Part of this Plan

Corrections Issue No. 199

In last issue, we reported that doing homework was a waste of time. According…

Corrections Issue No. 198

In last issue, we reported that stop signs were just suggestions. According…

Trump Plans to Replace Washington on $1 Bill

DJ Khaled to Become SC Khaled After Snapchat Career Takes Off

Student Sees Grade on Chemistry Final; Spontaneously Combusts in a Mix of Anger and Sadness

Seniors Stress over College Decisions; Freshmen Just Glad to Have Gotten into Deerfield

Student Found Literally Buried in Homework after Being Missing for Three Days

Freshman Mocks Seniors for Not Having a Computer to Use in the New Library

Corrections Issue No. 195

In our last issue, we reported that seniors would be allowed to…