My proudest accomplishment as the youngest seated in house city attorney in the state of Mississippi, as well as the youngest to serve as the city attorney for the city of Jackson, changes daily as we continue to provide effective legal advice, which in turn allows for services to be provided to the citizens, as well as preserves their health, safety and welfare. Every time that occurs, which is daily, I feel accomplished. Service to me translates into accomplishments..

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cheap ray ban sunglasses Applaud it, Sedler said, noting that it extends the First Amendment right to free speech. Real purpose of the First Amendment is not so much the speaker as the listener. I don accept the idea that Congress should try to level the playing field. It is truly a concerted effort from many members of Mayor Yarber’s administration to get every task completed and service provided. Our office also works heavily with the city clerk’s office and the Jackson City Council. This allows for city business to be conducted as seamlessly as possible between both branches on sound legal grounds cheap ray ban sunglasses.

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