GUILFOYLE: OK. Well, I mean look, that’s what this country is founded on, first amendment principles. People being able to give their voice, their opinions to say they want to support a candidate. He has also explained why cricket stumps come in threes, thanks to the bowling of the 18th century star, Edward “Lumpy” Stevens.The resulting book, Sport: Almost Everything You Wanted to Know, weighs more than War and Peace and is described by Mr Harris as an account of “the evolution and development of the major sports over the last 3,000 years”.His obsession took hold three years ago in the Holly Bush pub, Hampstead, London, as he drank with old friends from Mansfield College, Oxford. “I thought that rugby players wore hooped jerseys because the horizontal stripes made them look broader,” he says. “That was what made me realise that we are fans of these sports but there is so much that we don’t know about them.”Mr Harris, of Crouch End, north London, became an avid reader of works like The Boy’s Modern Playmate Cheap Jerseys free shipping, a 19th century compendium edited by Rev J G Wood.

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