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Congress Passes Landmark Anti-Obama Legislation

By George Minkowski WASHINGTON, DC— An applause erupted on Capitol Hill this Monday when Congress approved landmark legislation that guarantees nothing on President Barack Obama’s agenda will get done. H.R.…

Opinion: It’s No Surprise That Studies Show Inverse Relationship Between Fan Pages, Friends

By Buford Stetson CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – A press release regarding the relationship between the amount of fan pages a Facebook user has and the amount of friends they have was…

Ask Mr. Motzko: Day Off

Dear Mr. Motzko, For the most obvious reasons, I really want a snow day! I’ve been doing my part to get one; expressing my hope via Facebook status, whining, and…

Teen Discovers Teacher’s Sexting Policy Not Much More Forgiving than Texting One

Local Student Will Kill You if You Talk About Lost Before He Sees It