It is with a heavy heart that the staff of the Flipside wishes a sorrowful farewell to Dean Marsh, long-time ardent supporter of this publication who retired last year. Throughout his career here at Deerfield High School, the Dean made the Flipside a priority, going above and beyond his dean-hood to ensure the comfort and well-being of it’s editors and staff. The Dean would do anything to support the staff’s mental health, even going so far as shutting it down multiple times in the past three years. 

If Dean Marsh had one flaw, it was that he cared too much about this publication.  Rumor has it that, in 2019, the Dean’s family urged him to retire, yet he stayed for another two years, fearing what would become of the Flipside without his tutelage. We are walking into unprecedented times, gentle-people. The Dean would often go out-of-pocket just to fund his favorite publication, even embezzling to secure much needed ink money. The Flipside held such a place in his heart that it was even part of his morning routine; he was often seen on Fridays enjoying a good old cup of joe with a fresh-off-the-presses copy of the Flipside and one of its editors by his side as they strolled leisurely to his office. Long before the rest of the school had off-campus lunches, past editors of the Flipside enjoyed Wednesday outings with the Dean at Tony’s Subs. 

Mr. Marsh’s patronage can be traced back to the founding of this august institution. Legend has it that our founder, Jeremy Keeshin, was inspired by Marsh. While the two were bantering back and forth like the buddies that they were, the Dean suggested that the thing DHS needed most was a satirical newspaper. Voila! The Flipside was born.

The Dean may be leaving Deerfield High School, but his legacy will forever remain. We hope this article succeeds in showing a fraction of his kind-heartedness. With the retirement of this Dean, to the coming of the next, The Flipside staff hopes this tradition carries over and stands the test of time. We are nothing without the divine guidance of the Dean.

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