Top News Photos of the Week”It is an awful situation,” said Gov. Mark Dayton, who spearheaded an effort to secure $477 million in public funding for a stadium that is being built downtown. “Yes, Mr. Quoting Churchill, he reminded everyone that there’s nothing so exhilarating as to be shot at without effect. To Mrs. Reagan, it was, ‘Honey, I forgot to duck.’ To the doctors, ‘I just hope you’re Republicans.’ To which one doctor replied, ‘Today Mr.

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The NFL and/or the owners need to act now to cut this off at the pass. (Pun intended) I think that people of any race, creed, or color, who don’t respect our flag Cheap Jerseys china, therefore our country, should get the hell out. That includes “flag burners” too, even though our idiotic Supreme Court has ruled that this is an act of “free speech.” Yet, I digress..

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