A popular science fiction topic concerns what happens if somebody falls into a black hole. Some people believe these objects are a sort of wormhole to other parts of the Universe, making faster than light travel possible. But as this Smithsonian Magazine article points out, anything is possible since we still have a lot to figure out about physics.

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replica ray bans “It’s a page in a history book. An unending history book.”Jamey Johnson performed his song, “Long Haired Country Boy,” while Trace Adkins performed “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” with fiddler Andrea Zonn.Video of Chewbacca Caroling ‘Silent Night’ Goes ViralFoster ran the influential Monument Records, which helped launch the careers of Roy Orbison and Willie Nelson as well as Parton and Kristofferson. Kristofferson sang his iconic song “Me and Bobby McGee,” which Foster helped co write and produce, while Parton sang “Dumb Blonde,” from her debut album produced by Foster.She praised Foster for giving her a shot and still being a gentleman when Porter Wagoner stole her away to be on his television show.Denzel Washington Swings for the ‘Fences’Vince Gill presented Foster with the medallion and noted Foster was a lover of great songs and a champion of unique singers.”But everyone of us needs a champion,” Gill said replica ray bans.

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