The Panthers have played well in stretches during each of their first two contests, particularly for the last three fourths of their game vs. Swampscott on Monday. But lack of goal scoring as in none thus far mistakes at inopportune times and just plain bad luck on the pitch has led to a pair of season opening losses to Ipswich (1 0) and the Big Blue (2 0)..

Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Saturday, April 5, 2014 at at Quail Springs Baptist Church, Oklahoma City. Services are under the direction of Matthews Funeral Home, Edmond.. The 17 year old needs help with graphing linear equations, a challenging concept for students who have trouble producing images on the “x” and “y” axes through the crunching of basic equations. “It’s a lot of pressure. If you don’t pass the test, all those credits you’ve got are worth nothing,” he said.

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But whatever. After renaming all of January, “JUANUARY,” for crying out loud and broadcasting 4 hours of Bachelor related nonsense EVERY WEEK FOR A MONTH, ABC has decided to shorten this premiere episode of The Bachelorette by 30 minutes for reasons, and I suppose something had to get cut. And what got cut were the goofy little packages about the contestants that I had no idea I loved so much until they were gone.

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