Teacher Interviews: Eugene Chung

3340-864787bkBorn on Mars in year 2002, Mr. Chung quickly became one of the DHS’ most beloved Quemistery teachers. In addition, he is a respected coach, coaching girls and boys volleyball, as well as figure skating, curling, and dressaige. I sought out an interview with him as I was not only interested in his perspective, but also becuase he was lunch monitoring and I needed to interview someone.

Me: Mr. Chung, what is your favorite type of water?
Mr. Chung (without missing a beat): Kangan water. It’s so cool, you can change it’s pH and do all sorts of fun stuff with it.*
Me: What peice of furniture describes how you work in a group setting?
Mr. Chung: Hmmm… Probably a television. All eyes on me
Me: What vegetable best describes your fellings about school starting again?
Mr. Chung (after a bit of thought): Celery. It’s crisp, it’s refreshing, it’s exciting… but once you bite into it, you realize it’s just celery.
Me: What Looney Tunes character best matches your aesthetic?
Mr. Chung: Aesthetic? Like appearance?
Me: No, more like general vibe.
Mr. Chung: Probably the martian. Intelligent. Dangerous. Exotic.
Me: If you were a drink, what would you be and what would you be served in?
Mr. Chung: Water, with a twist of lemon; in whatever you want bby ;)

Thank you Mr. Chung for being such a good sport. Interview questions and backstory may be embellished for comedic effect.

September 15, 2016

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